The New York Times Gets Higher Ed Wrong Again

The New York Times loves stories about the apparent decreasing value of college degrees because they don’t require any actual journalism, and their readers really like them. You see, the readership of the NYT includes a lot of affluent, educated oldsters who would very much like to know when their college-educated kids will be able to move out of the basement.

This is a big problem for people who had enough money to send their kids to college in the first place. And for people who have basements. Continue reading

Should Everyone Go To College?: That Is Not An Important Question

Dear Smart People Trapped in the ‘College for All?’ Debate,

For the love of God, please stop. I am talking to you, smart people who have been blogging and writing articles trying to answer the question, “Should everyone go to college?” The thing is, you guys, this is not an important question so can you stop asking it now? Do you want to know what some better questions are? How about: “For college degrees to lead to jobs, don’t there have to be jobs available?” Or how about, “Only a small percentage of low-income young people go to college anyway because they don’t have the money.” Okay so that last one was a statement and not a question. Doesn’t matter. These are the issues that we should be focusing on. Continue reading

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